Susan Carranza has been practicing art and art therapy for 30 years, taking breaks to “feed fish, shelve books and sell pastry”. She has a always loved collecting things and merging them together in new ways. Her areas of focus are printmaking , figure drawing, collage, paper /book making, and clay.

Elihu Carranza's art draws on his roles of craftsman, educator, theologian - father and husband. Carranza’s profession as a woodcarver and teacher continues providing people with alternative applications of his craftsmanship and creativity. His artwork is influenced by a variety of core theological and social topics. In all he brings to the viewer a fresh perspective into abstract forms where aesthetics unfolds in terms of symbols, invented visual allegories, and poetry. He claims, “Art is the search for reality’s end-points and where it meets the Truth.”

Joel Carranza is a professional geek who enjoys making beautiful things. While the nature of that beauty varies from day to day, his passion always gravitates toward the intersection of art and technology. When's he not building software, he is an active photographer, whose favorite subjects include cityscapes, industrial infrastructure, eclectic junk, bicycles, and the occasional pet.